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How to Choose Multifunction Printers

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Multifunction printers, also known as all-in-one, together, combine the functionality of a printer, scanner, copier and fax machine, in an all-in-one unit. They are available as laser or inkjet models. The cost of a multifunction printer can vary depending on its capability and functions. There are many models available on the market to pick from. Here are some good tips on how to choose multifunction printers.

Assess What Features You Want

Consider what you will be doing on it. How you use it will help you evaluate how much money you will be spending on a unit’s maintenance. Will the multifunction printer be used for personal reasons or business or both? If you work from home, you will likely be using your multifunction printer more often than if the unit is just needed for an occasional task for personal reasons. Keep in mind the sophistication of the functionality of the printer. Many multifunction printers, whether inkjet or laser, share standard features, but the complexity from an operational standpoint can vary.

Evaluate The Specifications

If your job involves working with high resolution images and photos, a quality multifunction printer with a high resolution is a necessary feature. Both inkjet and laser multifunction printers have the capability to print in black and white and color. Laser types tend to be more expensive but are able to print black and white text at a much faster rate than inkjets. If your needs require printing a large amount of black and white documents and you need fast turnaround, then consider getting the laser multifunction printer. The larger pro multifunction printers that cost more usually have components that can handle more volume and repel wear and tear better. Be cautious when considering purchasing a lower end laser or inkjet multifunction printer because of price. You may find later that you’re spending a significant amount of money to maintain the device and it’s not economical. We recommend getting an extended warranty on printers whether an inkjet or laser printer. Protecting those moving parts is important.

Read The Reviews

See what others have to say about the performance, reliability and features of a multifunction printer you’re interested in. You’ll see all types of reviews that may show a trend and will help you make an educated decision on what type of multifunction printer is reliable, economical and right for you.

Make a Decision

By now you should have all of the information and understanding as a consumer to decide on what multifunction printer you’re going to buy. Good luck shopping!

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