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5 Steps To Avoid Getting Hacked

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Use Trusted Devices

Avoid logging in to your accounts from public computers, especially those that are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Many times, people get hacked on such networks by hackers utilizing keylogging software to capture your key strokes. 

Choose A Secure Messaging App

From Facebook to WhatsApp there are several options for sending messages to family, friends and staff. Which one is secure and suits your needs from a functionality standpoint? The key to messengers is assuring you have the ability to encrypt your messages, whether with the actual solution or another third-party application integration.

Get A Two-Set Verification System With Your Email

If your service offers it, get a two-step email verification system set-up with captcha if offered. This makes it more difficult for hackers to uncover your email password.

Check Who Has Been Accessing Your Accounts

No security measures are perfect. So, while Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and other companies have implemented many of their own protocols, it makes sense to add your own. It’s a good idea to check your latest activity log to see what’s been done. Think of this as reviewing any statement to verify activity and changes to your account. This not only applies to the above but any online account you have.

Use A Strong System, Windows And Mobile Passcode

Choosing the right password for your mobile devices can be key to defending you against a hackers initial access to your devices. Consider it the gateway to everything else. Most mobile users are accustomed to utilizing a 4 digit pin for accessing their mobile phone. I would suggest upping that to 5 or 6 and not use repetitive numbers such as 222222.

Millions of accounts are hacked every day as a result of people using simple password schemes. It is recommended that you use upper and lower case, numbers and symbols in your password. You could also use a secure password manager but should update it periodically. Many services are not increasing the password requirements and are forcing this policy. However, there are still some that remain and allow simple passwords.