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How to Teach Your Kid To Use a Computer

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Today more than ever we all rely on the use of our computers, whether it’s for keeping in touch with friends, family, or colleagues, online social media, paying bills or shopping for that perfect gift. We’ve become reliant on the technology. So how do we teach our kids how to use a computer?

Teaching our kids how to use a computer is a must for them to evolve in today’s society. As it progresses, so does its reliance for doing everyday things in life. In addition to providing entertainment computers can be used for completing tasks such as homework assignments, projects, and research. Just like any individual who is new to using computers, everyone needs to start with the basics.

Here are 4 simple and general steps to get you started:

Your kids should be at least 3 or 4 years old Kids who are 3 years or older have a better opportunity of comprehending the basic computer use concepts, whereas kids that are younger may struggle with learning, especially if they are still developing basic life skills. So, if your child is younger than 3 you may want to wait to introduce and attempt to train them on the use of a computer.

Install kid friendly devices on the computer:

You’ll want to pick and choose your accessories wisely when it comes to a young child. A smaller mouse and larger keyed keyboard are recommended. Otherwise, the child won’t be able to grasp and click the mouse or type on the keyboard properly. Understanding the symbols and functions of an advanced keyboard are must as well. Most new PC’s and Mac’s come with a stock keyboard and mouse. You may also purchase others that are more suited for young children with larger buttons, keys, and less advancements.

It’s important that you choose the appropriate software and learning tools that are age appropriate, engaging, and fun for a child to learn. This will significantly enhance their experience and give them the best opportunity to want to learn. If the software is too advanced, they may lose interest in learning. It’s important to have Anti-Virus software on their computer.

Teaching them how to use the internet:

The internet as we know it is the biggest resource for information today. For us as kids, it used to be the library. Now it’s the internet that is the encyclopedia of the world. It’s important to teach them the fundamentals of its use, the good and bad, as well as the best resources to gain information and what to stay away from. There is both good and bad information out there today as we know on the web. Exposure can be good and bad from an informational standpoint and some places you can visit on the internet can be dangerous.

Train them on how to care for their devices:

While it’s important to teach children the proper way to operate their computer it’s equally as important to teach them how to physically care for them. Money doesn’t grow on trees and keeping a mouse and keyboard clean, keeping drinks and food away from the computer and handling their devices with care without mistreatment can go a long way in extending the life of the device. It’s an investment and life lesson, not just with computers, that every child should understand.

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