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Do You Have A Backup of Your Data? You should.

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With the advent of computer technology people feel comfortable storing data such as photos, videos, documents and other important business or personal information that is invaluable. All of this information should be protected at all costs and kept somewhere where it can be retrieved in the event of failure.

There are a multitude of ways to achieve performing a backup of your information. They come in the form of either using an external storage device or offsite backup software to store and secure your data. We suggest deploying both solutions, which we call the hybrid approach to backup, and at minimum carrying an offsite solution which works in conjunction with the internet. The reason for this is simple. If there is a disaster such as fire, an earthquake or flood, a physical storage device could be destroyed and potentially render your data damaged and inaccessible. The offsite backup would be another safe location.

There are several different types of hardware, software and online type of products and services that can do the trick. However, each of them can carry different functions and uses based on your needs. They also vary in terms of use and cost. We believe it’s very important to really understand what you are investing in with regard to your backup solution. A thorough explanation from the developer or an IT consultant, such as Authority IT, can go over your options and educate you on the best fit. We offer many solutions for individuals or businesses to fit your needs and your budget.

Are you worried about not having your data backed up but need help? Reach out to Authority IT today and we’ll go over your options and help you get piece of mind and be able to sleep at night knowing  that your data is protected.