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Do I reallly need Mac Antivirus?

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If you never connect to the Internet, the answer is no. But if you do use the Internet, the answer is yes. And since most everyone is online these days that means that the majority of Mac users need to consider installing Mac compatible antivirus software. It is true that Macs are not as prone to malware as a PC but they are not completely safe from infection so don’t believe the hype - most Mac infections occur as a result of user intervention and not drive-by silent infection that happens through no fault of the user.

Are there any real serious Mac viruses out there?

Some try to answer this question literally, based on the strict definition of 'virus'. But the term 'virus' is used much more loosely these days and in that context refers to malicious software in general or what the industry calls ‘malware’. The answer also depends on the version of the Mac operating system you are using. While Windows tends to be very similar "under the hood", the various versions of the Mac operating system vary widely. So the answer to your question is yes, there are real Mac viruses out there. But whether you are vulnerable or not depends on the version of operating system. As for malware in general, it's an even stronger yes. As hackers grow tired of developing new viruses for the PC they will become more intrigued with developing viruses to infect the Mac because of the Mac’s growing user base.

Can spyware infect a Mac?

Spyware is a type of malicious software otherwise known as Malware that monitors computer use. Depending on how overzealous the marketing is, the term spyware can refer to anything from cookies to dangerous key logging infections. In general, spyware is a Web threat and as such Mac users are vulnerable.

Do Macs need updates?

Modern exploits target programing vulnerabilities in Web applications such as Java, Flash, QuickTime, and Adobe Reader. And ALL browsers are susceptible whether on a Mac or PC. Threats that run within the context of the browser or that target a Web application such as Sun Java, Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime, or Adobe Reader can also impact Mac users. Even if no malware is physically installed a successful exploit could be used to launch man-in-the-middle and other redirection attacks - a rising concern on the Web today.

Can my iPod and iPhone be infected?

Yes. When Apple introduced application support for the iPod touch and iPhone, they opened the door for malware that specifically targets these devices (or, rather, the applications running on those devices). However, currently the notion of malware for these devices is more theory than reality unless your operating system and/or firmware has been modified or ‘broken’ which can make your IPhone more receptacle to Malware infections.

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