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Spring Cleaning and Protecting Devices

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With the new year in full swing, we all have our own new resolutions we feel are important to us, such as losing weight, getting in shape, managing our finances better among other things. With such a challenging year we just endured and are facing again, there are several things in your life that may not get as much attention as others, things such as the everyday devices that you use, that help you function in this technology-dependent world.

Have you ever thought that your devices need protection or maintenance? If you lose your cell phone for example, would you panic? A recent national survey conducted on cell phone security showed that only 36% of owners have a PIN code. The percentages are even far less for those that take other necessary steps of protecting their smartphone, or other devices such as their computers, laptops and tablets. With our devices being so important in our lives, why do people forget or ignore the importance of this? It’s simple human behavior, like the old tale ”If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. While that theory may apply to some things, it doesn’t for others, such as an automobile that while it may run and isn’t broken, is getting you from point A to B, eventually without maintenance, little undetected problems become bigger and eventually it breaks before you had a chance to have it fixed by a mechanic. The same applies to computers. When ignored they become unsecured, slower, less efficient and run degraded unless they are periodically being maintained by an IT professional, a mechanic of computers.

There are many suggestions we could make to help you protect your devices, but here are the top 3 that we recommend be addressed, if they haven’t already.

Backing Up Your Data

Be sure to back up your important data. At the very least, if you’re without backup software or a service that does it for you, set a reminder, do it yourself, copying it to an external hard drive, or flash drive on a frequent basis. Sound meticulous? It can be, which is why most end users don’t keep current with their backups. We recommend a backup application or service that offsites your invaluable data into the cloud.

Securing Your Device

When it comes to computers, smartphones, laptops or tablets they all typically will come with some form of security software and built-in integration. In some cases, like with new computers an anti-virus and suite of security applications commonly come with it. But, it’s typically with a trial unless a subscription was purchased. At some point it may run out, and so does your protection. I can’t tell you how many times I have been summoned to repair a computer that was compromised, which could have possibly been avoided if their anti-virus suite subscription hadn’t expired.

Cleaning Up

Keeping your devices clean, disinfected, and free of gunk is an important part of keeping anything electronic or mechanical in its best working, and looking, condition. You’re touching these devices every day, and they are bound to accumulate everything you can imagine, Including germs, viruses and bacteria, which is something we are constantly being reminded of these days with the ongoing pandemic. All devices should be dusted and wiped down on a regular basis. It’s best, in my opinion, to spray a rag with formulated cleaner, that is non-abrasive and safe for electronics, as opposed to spraying it on the device directly and then using a dry rag. This approach helps avoid saturating it and potentially causing harm to its internal components. If you don’t know what to use, seek advice before using it. Some household cleaners can be damaging.

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