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iPhone 11 or Galaxy S20 smartphone. Which one is better for you?

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So, while we could compare all features of each smartphone, let’s get right to the most common comparisons between the two. Yes, the Galaxy S20 costs a pretty penny, but this well-designed smartphone comes loaded with functions that aren't just a bonus to have, but are super useful. That includes 5G capability, 8K video and a 120Hz screen. Their smartphones carry a fast processor and a superior camera with outstanding resolution. The output photo quality produced by their cameras is great, making a novice look like a professional photographer.

The iPhone 11 has two rear cameras, which includes an ultra-wide lens that allows creative portrait images and landscape shots that produce dramatic results. iPhone 11 carries a night mode feature that captures and brightens scenes that are low light, a uniquely branded feature by Apple.

Another unique feature about the iPhone 11 is deep fusion, which optimizes the photo quality and improves the details of the image when taken in medium light, like for example inside your home. The video quality is superb, which includes similar modes that the Galaxy S20 carries with capturing slow-mo video.

The Galaxy S20 on the other hand has a triple-rear camera set-up and telephone camera. This combined with the 30X zoom provides the ability to zoom in much closer to objects and retain image clarity. The Galaxy S20’s low-light mode is also great, producing similar results to the iPhone 11’s night-mode feature. Another tool it offers is the single-take feature allowing you to use several different camera features at once. When you tap the shutter once it captures a 10 second video. So, if you are looking to combine still-shots with video this feature is right up your alley.

What makes the Galaxy S20 standout from the iPhone 11 is its ability to capture 8K videos. Yep, I said 8K not 4K. Although you will only benefit from this if you have an 8K screen. Regardless, the future with video platforms on TV and You Tube are heading in to the 8K era and next generation. But, what comes with this quality of video is the file size of the video. A one-minute video could be hundreds of megabytes that you have to store in onboard memory and in the cloud. It’s a tradeoff.

So, who is the winner? Both phones take beautiful pictures in all types of settings. But what phone suits you best depends on what kind of photographer you are. If you want to simply take great shots and video without the need for using advanced functions the iPhone is the smartphone for you. But if you want a smartphone that is loaded with advanced tools where you can tweak settings and professionally alter your photos the Galaxy S20 is the smartphone for you. In the end, it also comes down to personal preference and operation. Some people prefer iOS VS Android for simplicity reasons. From a performance standpoint both are equally reliable, manufactured well and have solid support.

Update: The iPhone 12 models were announced and are being released. To summarize the key differences between it and the iPhone 11, there are multiple of models available from the mini to the plus, screen size differences, new processor and increased RAM in the Pro model, a Lidar scanner, time-of-flight sensor, larger image sensor for shift image stabilization, larger batteries and 5G capability. Will these features be enough to push consumers to upgrade? Good chance considering Apple has been able to keep it's price points consistent.

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